Recorded Sept 6, 2018

Seeing Inside Encrypted Traffic: Blocking Threats and Enforcing Policy While Preserving Security, Compliance and Performance

Most of the traffic flowing through your firewall today is encrypted. In some ways that’s a good thing because encryption enables businesses to communicate securely with customers/partners and protects the privacy and integrity of data. But it creates new problems for information security folks because the only data you can actually see in the packet header is nothing but IP addresses and port numbers. There’s some monitoring and analytics you can do with that information such as with threat intelligence feeds and session profiling, but your hands are really tied if you can’t decrypt the traffic.

Watch this webinar to learn:

How SSL decryption works

Common sources of performance degradation

Why ICAP support is critical to successful SSL decryption

Decryption needs to be policy based to avoid compliance problems

Recorded Sept 6, 2018



Randy Smith

Ultimate Window Security 


Parth Jagirdar

A10 Networks

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