Recorded March 28th, 2018

Prepare for the 5 Ways IoT
Will Crush Your DDoS Defenses

Distributed denial of service (DDoS) attackers have weaponized the Internet of Things (IoT). Nefarious actors exploit millions of vulnerable, persistent IoT devices to create sophisticated malware-based DDoS botnets and use them to launch devastating attacks. Legacy defenses can’t stand up to the scale, sophistication and breadth of these DDoS of Things assaults.

Join experts from A10 Networks and NimbusDDOS to learn:

The 5 ways IoT-based attacks have forced changes in DDoS defense strategies

Proven ways to prepare for the attack from the DDoS of Things

Fresh new approaches to achieve IoT DDoS resilience

Recorded March 28th, 2018


Andrew Shoemaker



Rich Groves

A10 Networks


Don Shin

A10 Networks

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