The Changing Economics of Service Provider DDoS Scrubbing Services

Recorded March 14, 2019

Most enterprises don't have the resources or expertise to build and operate their own DDoS defenses. As a result, the door is wide open for communications service providers (CSPs) of all sizes to step up to fill this critical gap for business subscribers. This is because CSPs are already in the direct path of clean and dirty traffic, and are optimally positioned to deal with DDoS attacks instead of simply routing the traffic to an off-net third-party Cloud DDoS scrubbing service.

However, many CSPs are reluctant to build and operate scrubbing services due to large initial capex outlays and the complexity of operating DDoS defense products from legacy vendors. What is needed are modern approaches powered by machine learning that automates defenses and supports broad tenant scale in small form factors that positively change the economics of CSP-delivered DDoS scrubbing services.

Join this webinar and you will learn:

In this webinar you will learn:

How to build profitable SP-delivered DDoS scrubbing services

Why your legacy DDoS defense for infrastructure protection won't work for subscriber protection

Why offering differentiated services is critical to match your subscribers' risk profiles and budgets

How to apply zero-touch automation for faster response, defense in depth coverage and enabling low operating costs

Recorded March 14, 2019



Jim Hodges

Principal Analyst – Cloud & Security


Don Shin

Security Product Marketing at A10 Networks

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